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I want to become a Marine Engineer..

Becoming a marine engineer requires BE/ B.Tech in Marine Engineering / Nautical Science from a recognized University. Number of Government and private universities and colleges are offering Bachelor of Technology and other courses in Marine Engineering. Marine Engineering courses deal with construction and maintenance of ships, other sailing vessels ports and cargo facilities at waterfront. Marine engineers take complete charge of the engine room of a ship and the functioning of various devices like electric motors, steam engines, propulsive engines, etc. career, courses after 10th,career option after 12th.

Indian Maritime University:

It is a teaching and affiliating university which offer graduate, post graduate and research programmes in all disciplines of the maritime sector.
The IMU is having its headquarters at Chennai and regional campuses at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Cochin.

Curses offered :

·         DNS leading to B.Sc. (Nautical Science)
·         B.Sc. (nautical Science)
·         B.Sc. (Maritime Science)
·         B.Sc. (Ship Building and Repair)
·         B.Tech  (Marine Engineering)
·         B.Tech. (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
·         M.Tech (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
·         MBA (Port and Shipping Transportation and Logistics)
·         MBA (International Transportation and Logistics)
·         PGDME(post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering)
·         Research Programme in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.


Candidates for admission to the 3-years B.Sc. (Nautical Science) at T.S. Chanakya, IMU-Mumbai Campus, Navi Mumbai;
 4-year B.Tech. (Marine Engineering) at Marine Engineering & Research Institute, IMU-Kolkata Campus, Kolkata;
4-year B.Tech. (Marine Engineering) at National Maritime Academy, IMU-Chennai Campus, Chennai;
3-year B.Sc. (Maritime Science) degree course (Dual/Polyvalent Certification) at Marine Engineering & Research Institute, IMU-Mumbai Campus, Mumbai;
4-year B.Tech (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering) at NSDRC, IMU-Visakhapatnam Campus,
Visakhapatnam are selected on the basis of their performance in the IIT-Joint Entrance Examination. There is no separate entrance examination for selection of candidates for these courses. 


For seeking admission to the Bachelor of Technology  in Marine Engineering and equivalent courses, candidates must have completed their 10+2 with
Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects with not less than 60% of aggregate marks from a recognized board of education. The other requirement is that candidates must have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in English. (Candidate belonging to general and OBC categories must secure at least 60% marks and SC and ST candidates must secure at least 55% marks in aggregate in the (10+2) Examination). 

Physical Fitness:

The candidate should have physical fitness and has to be ready to travel in a ship for long voyages extending to even months.

Monday, 10 March 2014

how to choose the right career

Career is the path way that takes you to your future. Career is the one which decides your fate. Till now you may be dependent on your mom or dad or a friend, but the time has come to take decision on your wish. This is so specific to take your own decision because, it’s your career, and you need to choose it according to your wish. Not that your well-wishers will not get you into a right path, but, as they all are your well-wishers, they always think about your safety. In such case, you may or may not enjoy the work you do in future. Or it may also get you into a right path which is not capable enough for you. So, instead of you later blaming others for deciding your career or felling bad about your position in future, its best to take decision on your own and choose your career.

Something wrong happens to us because of others interference, we won’t spare them. But if the same or the more wrong happens to us because of self interference, then we will be ready to accept it and will even enjoy that pain. That’s human psychology, we cannot change it.

So, if you choose your career, let anything may happen, you will definitely enjoy your work and won’t even curse yourself or others for your position at that time.

When you take decision on your future, consider two or three options suitable to you.
Take to people who are already in that career. Do not talk to their parents or others; just take to the right person who is in that profession.

Keep in mind what all bad or good kinds might happen if you choose that option.
Then according to the good and bad effects of it, rank the options you have chosen before.

I don’t tell you to go with the first ranked option leading the other options behind. Never do that, consider the first ranked option, take further steps to achieve it and also simultaneously, take further takes to the two other options also. That’s just to be on safer edge.
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